‘Let’s Go Mets’

NBCU 2.0” and the New York Mets. The two biggest stories in New York today. We’ve spent most of the day researching the former, we’ll now turn our attention to the latter — specifically, the theme songs. While the franchise has nothing quite as compelling as the Chicago Bears’ 1985 “Superbowl Shuffle,” they do have quite an awkward, if storied, history:

  • The classic “Let’s Go Mets” music video, including a shirtless Doc Gooden. [YouTube]
  • Choose your own Met adventure. [Daily Intel]
  • “Meet the Mets” Theme Song, 1963. [Young Manhattanite]
  • “Get Mets-merized” Lyrics, circa 1983 [Blog9]
  • “Meet the Mets” Theme Song, 1999. [Young Manhattanite]


  • Mets Amazin’ For Seinfeld, Broderick