Let’s Go Dutch!

We ran across this somewhere in our travels and it looks super awesome: Real Dutch Design. It’s a two-part publication, nearly 1000 pages, featuing the portfolios and other work by both designers and firms who, you guessed it, are Dutch. And it’s got about the best cover for a design publication that we’ve ever seen (it that some kind of brushed metal, cardboard, or a thick plastic?). In browsing through the sample pages (thanks Jonathan! we somehow missed those), we read that it was designed by, you guessed it, a Dutch design firm. The one: Staat, in Amerstam. We’re really wishing that Mediabistro paid us in something other than packets of inexpensive instant noodles, because we’d snatch these things up in a second. So in the interim, at least until a rich relative of ours passes away, we’ll have to live vicariously through you, dear readers, who, with your very deep pockets, will likely want to process an order promptly.