Let’s Get Off the Path to the Path to 9/11–No More Mini-Series!

Mickey Kaus, in his Kausfiles blog in Slate, points out the obvious glitch in Max Blumenthal’s Huff Po take on ABC’s cabal–mainly that the right-wing element in Hollywood is pretty small and far from the seats of green-light power. Why did Marc Platt pick David Cunningham to direct? Who knows? Hollywood hiring is usually based on whose agent owes favors to whom else’s agent. And brushing Platt aside because he EP’ed Legally Blonde 2 on the basis of taste ignores the bottom line reality.

The best result of this whole mess would be the death of “based on real events” mini-series/MOWs. After all the fuss about the the Reagans, Jessica Lynch, Elizabeth Smart, and now 9/11, the genre is too fraught with the possibility for error and too devoid of genuine drama. Make it go away. The networks need to tell us all a story that we don’t know.

Considering that NBC’s Sunday Night Football stomped all over the first half of the mini-series, the tv audience agrees.

As Nikki Finke told us:

See what happens when liberals stay away?

She’s more interested in the whereabouts of Disney’s chairman, George Miller.