Let the Wild Rumpus Rumpus Begin!

Spend this evening where the wild things are: at the first birthday celebration or The Rumpus, the online culture rag funded by author Stephen Elliott. It’s happening in New York City, co-hosted with HTMLGiant. To get you psyched, here’s a video from last year’s party for The Rumpus‘s initial launch:

Here are all the details about tonight’s party from our sibling blog GalleyCat: “We find it appropriate to celebrate our fitness for survival in the age of the interwebs and to kick off a great new year with an evening of literary and musical offerings in grand Rumpus style. The multimedia evening will feature readings by a line-up of literary stars… WHERE: Broadway East, where Chinatown meets the Lower East Side. 171 East Broadway (nr. Rutgers). View Map. Kitchen will be open with a light menu of snacks. WHEN: January 21, 2010 7:00pm-10:00pm, $5.”

This also seems like the perfect time to pontificate for a moment on the growing importance of magazines like The Rumpus–independent online literary and culture publications, also including The Millions and Guernica–which is not only producing a huge quantity of book and art reviews, but aggregating like crazy, providing context and authority on a seemingly out of control, and certainly out of context, Internet world. If books are going digital, it is these magazines that will cover them. So get yourself to that party tonight.