Let the iPhone Games Begin

Apple may have only released the beta of the iPhone software development kit yesterday, but videogame giant Electronic Arts and Freeverse Software have games in the works, Macworld reports.

spore_tribe3.JPGEA got some stage time during Apple’s press event to demo an early iPhone version of Spore. Still in the development phase, Spore is the latest effort from The Sims creator Will Wright. It’s an epic adventure game that takes the player all the way from the creation of life through the technology age and into outer space. EA has yet to release the PC and Mac versions of the game and doesn’t expect to have the iPhone version out until September, according to Macworld. The company also reportedly has plans for additional iPhone games, but isn’t providing specifics yet.

iphonegames.jpgFreeverse has a page on its Web site detailing several 3D games under the Flick Sports brand. It’s starting with golf, bowling, soccer, baseball and moto racing, Macworld says.