Let the ‘Bloomberg is Buying The New York Times’ Rumors Begin

Excuse us for bringing up the New York piece on Bloomberg again, but we wanted to highlight one more thing in it: The idea that Bloomberg will one day buy The New York Times. From the article:

Purchasing the New York Times is perhaps the most often discussed next act for Michael Bloomberg. He may not see the Times as a business, but on a certain level, the paper is an irresistible trophy. Bloomberg so far has made no moves to obtain it.

Are there any real prospects of his buying the Times? It’s hard to say. For one thing, it would be unseemly for him to make a move now, while he’s still mayor. And his continued denial of any interest in the Times might be just a good long-view posture. While the immediate financial pressures on the Sulzbergers have subsided, Bloomberg surely knows a time may come when they wouldn’t be able to resist a generous offer…

While it doesn’t seem likely that Bloomberg will buy the Times, this piece will certainly kick off rumors that it’s happening. We look forward to covering the “sources close to the situation” and “those familiar with the talks.” We’re sure they’ll have plenty to say.