Let Me Be Frank About Windows Phone 7 Storage Cards

Of the features that Windows Phone 7 will not have, to me the lack of storage card support is the most disappointing. I am probably saying this mostly for philosophical reasons. Back in 1996 when I was choosing between Windows CE Handhelds and the Palm Pilot as the replacement for my Apple Newton Messagepad, I picked Windows CE for the expandability Handheld PCs had because it supported storage cards. In fact, some of the handhelds supported both PC cards and CompactFlash cards.

The ability to expand the storage of handheld devices extends the life of the device because you can cheaply get past limitations. You can buy iPhones with 16 GB and 32 GB of storage, but if you have a 16 GB iPhone loaded up with music and start running out of storage space, your only options are to remove music or buy a new iPhone with 32 GB of storage. No doubt Apple likes the idea of us spending more money on a new iPhone, or spending more initially for an iPhone with more storage, and Winbdows Phone manufacturers will equality like that model, but the storage limitation is not user friendly.

Storage expandability is a feature more like multitasking that is more important to power users than regular users, and I doubt that users will not buy a Windows Phone 7 phone because you cannot expand the storage, but I find the lack of consideration for users to be really disappointing. Storage card support is something that Microsoft has included in every one of their mobile operating systems since the beginning, and I see no technical reason why it could not have been included in Windows Phone 7. My guess is that the lack of storage card support is another design decision to follow the iPhone pattern, and it will not be added unless either Android, which does support storage cards, becomes the leader in smartphone OSes, or Apple adds storage cards to the iPhone.