Let It Blossom, Let It Grow


The East Coast sibling to the wildly popular Compostmodern conference, Grow will nurture the sustainable design movement on Saturday, March 25 in New York City.

The line up looks great: Bruce Nussbaum, Anthony Russell, Leslie Hoffman, to name a few, but the man who will change your life is pictured above. Chris Hacker used to be VP of design at Aveda, where his decisions saved the green leader one million dollars on one packaging project! Now he’s at Johnson & Johnson, helping the mega-brand get serious about sustainability but they’ve actually got a great head start.

Hacker’s got a blissfully inspiring presentation that will change your mindset from the moment you sit down (spoiler: it includes backrubs). He gives real, workable ways to design more responsibly; being subversive, he calls it. Last time we saw him, we actually got goose bumps when he talked about a possible solution to J&J’s over-packaged Band-Aids: reverting to those pretty tin boxes our moms used to keep extra buttons in. So simple. So perfect.

Memorize this face. When you see him, tell him you want to do the backrub thing. We promise, he won’t freak out.

This is the last week for early registration so don’t stop. Grow.