Let Google Translate Your Handwriting

Have you ever struggled to read a sign written in a foreign script? Now you can draw the characters and let Google Translate help you read the sign.

Google Translate recently rolled out handwriting support, allowing readers to input handwriting in 45 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. You can even download a Google Chrome app to help with the process. Check it out:

suppose you see the Chinese expression “饺子” and want to know its meaning in English, but have no idea how to type these characters. Using the new handwriting input tool, you can simply draw these characters on your screen and instantly see the translation … Other text input tools in Translate include virtual keyboardsinput method editors, and transliteration. They are also available in other Google products, including Gmail, DriveChrome, and Android.

According to The UK Times, Google aims to have real-time translation of speech eventually. Check it out:

Hugo Barra, a vice-president of Android, Google’s software for mobile devices, said its plans to create “real time” translation remained in the early stages. “That is where we’re headed,” he said. “We’ve got tons of prototypes of that sort of interaction, and I’ve played with it every other week to see how much progress we’ve made.”

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