Let CQ’ers Eat Cake!!!

CQ’s David Rapp has told CQ staffers that, yes, technically, they can attend a daylong conference next Thursday–IMPACT 2006–on the 110th Congress and 2008 presidential race, but, please, you’ll have to wait until all the others have been served.

    CQ staff can attend free of charge, but I must impose two conditions: 1) you get explicit permission from your department head to be excused from work that day, or any portion thereof, and 2) you take seats after the paying registrants have taken theirs, which may require you to stand. We also cannot offer you lunch, which is quite expensive.

Rapp goes on to say “no slight intended,” and that the revenue from the $595-per-person event is “a significant revenue source for us, so we need to fill as many seats as possible with paying customers.”

Well, that and “much of the newsroom is going to be quite occupied on Thursday, so I don’t imagine that many people will be able to break away.”

Now get back to work.

Is this like their 60th anniversary party, which the Washingtonian magazine summarized thusly last year?

    While the Congressional Quarterly 60th anniversary party September 27 at the Decatur House may be a nice event, be glad you’re not one of CQ’s hard-working reporters: Most of them aren’t invited. There’s a later party for staff.