Lessons in Video Narrative by Lego

"The LEGO Story" was shared 27,185 times in seven days.

Over time many videos will generate high numbers of views, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re viral. Viral success is measured by the speed in which a video accumulates views. A video that has garnered 200k views over time is not the same as a video that’s been viewed 50,000 in one day.

Lego commemorated its 80th birthday with a 17-minute animated film that traces its origins back to a carpenter in 1930s Denmark. Created by Lani Pixels, “The LEGO® Story” was shared 27,185 times in seven days.

When brain-storming ideas for video, try to find one story that resonates with your audience and will make them want to share it, as Lego did in its compelling narrative. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the video’s goal?
  • Will it be interesting and compelling for a wide-audience?
  • Is it the right length?
  • Does it truly represent your brand?
  • Does it have cross-platform appeal?
  • Is uploading to Vimeo or Viddler (which lets you add your own logo and has suitable features for marketing and brand promotion) a smarter choice than Youtube?

Trying to include your entire marketing strategy into one piece of content may be tempting, but it’s a mistake. Each piece of content serves its own purpose based on the medium, information, and how it supports — rather than dominates — your overall goals and objectives.