Lessons Learned from 60 Minutes' Interview with Zuckerberg: Brandee Barker is a Genius and Zuck Wears Nice Moccasins

To say that the Lesley Stahl‘s profile of Mark Zuckerberg tonight on 60 Minutes was “groundbreaking” would be a great exaggeration. Hell, to me, the most groundbreaking discovery of the entire interview was the fact that Zuckerberg owns a nice pair of leather driving moccasins. Sure, she asked some tough questions about Beacon, IPO and leadership worries, but the entire discussion was controlled and filtered by his PR machine, notably Brandee Barker, Head of Corporate Communications.

She did an AMAZING job of prepping Zuckerberg for what to say and what not to say. With the exception of Zuckerberg’s awkward or funny response (depending upon which camp you’re in) of “Was that a question?” to Stahl’s statement, “You’re being compared to the Google guys,” the interview left a lot, and I mean, a lot of unanswered questions about how Facebook will begin to make a viable chunk of change.

Although the company makes somewhere near $200+ million in revenue a year, has a staff of 400 in offices throughout California, New York, Chicago and London, and more importantly, has enough in the bank to begin the so-called “next revolution of the Internet,” Facebook is still much of a mystery to many within the industry when it comes to an actual business-model for developers and (down the road) us. (For more information about Facebook’s real problem and the relation to Google’s early days as a business platform, read Dave McClure’s post about monetization and corresponding solutions.)

Overall, I think 60 Minutes did a good job at showcasing what Facebook is, how it works and some of the recent controversy surrounding the site. But I wanted to know more. Here’s some of the questions I would have asked Zuckerberg:

  • Does DataPortability.org ring any bells?
  • How do you and Steve Ballmer get a long? “Steve and Zuck kissing in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g…”
  • What’s the progress like for fbFund?
  • Do you feel your company is heading down the road AOL before the first bubble burst?
  • Lastly, can I come over for some keg parties on Thursday in the office?

What do you think should have been asked?

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