Lesson Learned: Don’t Skimp With the Nudity in Front of a Seasoned Audience

Here was a big thud at Cannes, one of the biggest ad parties of the year (which masquerades as a conference and series of awards shows). Newcreatives, a listing service for creative work bankrolled by the Miami Ad School, hired a professional streaker to run across the stage during the film awards section, with “Get Seen By the Best At Newcreatives.com” branded on his naked flesh. Only catch is, the site made him wear a pink tutu, thus negating the whole point of a streaker. Honestly, dear reader, don’t you think, of any group in the entire world, a room full of ad people be able to handle a little comedic nudity? And what’s worse, wouldn’t this be the first group to jump on you for not having the confidence enough to go whole hog with the stunt? Just seems to us like a lot of “aren’t we clever!” effort for the exact opposite result.