Lessiter Publications Sues Former Employees

A feud between niche media publisher Lessiter Publications and three former employees has just turned nasty.

According to a lawsuit filed in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, three former employees of Lessiter, Todd Rank, Paul Markgraff, and Michael Podoll, left to start a competing magazine company, Three Cycle Media.

But according to Lessiter, Three Cycle Media LLC and three domain names were started before Rank, Markgraff, and Podoll had actually quit. Lessiter also says that Three Cycle Media stole one of Lessiter’s clients. Again, according to the lawsuit, the three employees resigned “separately between April 8 and May 31, and
formed a competitive publishing company… On June 1, the American Football Coaching Association (AFCA), notified Lessiter Publications that it was, without notice nor cause, cancelling its contract with Lessiter Publications’ Coach And Athletic Director publication. Days later, Three Cycle Media LLC announced it had secured a contract with the AFCA to publish This is AFCA magazine.”

The complaint says that the defendants “acted maliciously, deceitfully and fraudulently” toward Lessiter, which is seeking punitive damages.