Less Is More for Edmunds.com Redesign

Automotive-information Web site Edmunds.com launched its redesign Thursday, choosing the most simple of four proposed looks after tallying the votes by visitors as part of an optimization experiment it conducted this fall.

Users chose the option with simple graphics and fewer choices over the other three proposals: one with dramatic car photos, one that was more task-oriented, and one that looked very similar to the site’s previous design.

The new site features: The Edmunds.com Car Finder, which allows users to search for cars based on price point, body style, or features including iPod connectivity and fuel-efficiency ratings; The Edmunds.com Affordability Calculator, which helps users answer the question, “What car can I afford to buy?”; pre-production car information to let users decide whether to buy now or wait for the new models to be released; a save function that allows users to collect car research from any Web site and add notes; new car inventory listings; and enhanced dealer ratings and reviews.

Edmunds.com chief operating officer Seth Berkowitz said:

The winning home-page design is the simplest one and is reminiscent of the clean graphical experiences presented by Apple and Google. In the course of the experiment, visitors who were shown the “minimalist” version of our home page had significantly more engagement with the Web site than visitors who were shown other versions.

Vice president Eugene Park added:

The new home page and other new design elements may be the most obvious aspects of our new site, but there have been massive advancements to the infrastructure, as well.