Less Than Half of Snapchat’s Users Are in the U.S.

But still no advertising on the app—yet

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Some may think that Snapchat could be a gold mine of revenue for millennial-focused marketing, but Emily White, chief operating officer at the mobile messaging app, acknowleged today that monetization efforts aren’t coming soon.

"We’re certainly thinking about marketers, but we’re [in the] early days," White said, during an interview at the Mobile Marketing Association’s SM2 Innovation Summit in New York.

White spun the discussion away from monetization during the interview, but did spill some stats on Snapchat’s users.

Interestingly, less than half of the app’s users live in the U.S., likely because of the cellular data needed to use the app on a regular basis and is limited to iPhone and Android devices.

Northern Europe, Latin America and Saudia Arabia are also areas where usage is high.

White named McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Nasty Gal and Manchester United as brands that are nailing it on Snapchat. Manchester United’s use of the social video app is noteworthy in that the sports team gave away tickets through a series of pictures showing the tickets hidden around statues. Once someone found the tickets, a picture was sent out showing the winner.

At the same time, Snapchat is under increasing pressure to distinguish itself amid the growth of similar mobile messaging apps. In short, Snapchat is about communicating through content versus communicating around it, according to White.

"It’s really about that emotion behind the content and the feeling you get during conversation," White added. "At the end of the day, imitation is the best form of flattery."

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