Less bang for your buck: Ads outweigh content in magazines

A quick read of the latest issue of Los Angeles magazine was made even quicker by the ads that dominated the magazine, surpassing the number of actual news articles. To determine if this was out of the ordinary, ten magazines were randomly selected from a local newsstand and the number of ads in each was counted.

The hand count includes total pages in the magazine, including any fold-out pages, front, rear, and inside covers, and full-page inserts. Here are the results, ranked from lowest percentage of ads to the highest.


78 pages, 27.66 total ads


244 pages, 96.83 total ads

Rolling Stone

114 pages, 46.33 total ads


98 pages, 45 total ads


160 pages, 77.66 total ads


204 pages, 99.16 total ads

Vanity Fair

364 pages, 208.66 total ads


240 pages, 138 total ads


360 pages, 218 total ads

Los Angeles

284 pages, 191.5 total ads

Is it a bad thing if ads outweigh content?