Leslie Stahl Blocks Les Moonves


Who says the venerable newsmagazine ”60 Minutes” is entirely without a healthy sense of humor about itself? On last night’s program correspondent Leslie Stahl interviewed Facebook’s founder in ”The Face Behind Facebook.” Then things got interesting. From Kara Swisher’s Boomtown:

”… For those who don’t know the tale, it hits all the high (and low) points of the Facebook saga, with a button-pushing efficiency that television does so well. Thus, a synopsis:

”Web Wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg who seems genetically unable to smile (unlike, say, his deeply charming sister). Harvard. Ratty hoodies and flip-flops. Mark makes a Facebook profile for Lesley (how much do we love that she blocked her boss Les Moonves?).”

Let us guess: Is it the lingering after-effects of Lynn Hirschberg’s 2005 Moonves profile?

(image via monica will/NYPost)