Leslie Bennetts Inks Deal for Joan Rivers Biography

The Little, Brown tome won’t be out until 2016. But that’s a sign that the publisher and Vanity Fair contributor Leslie Bennetts (pictured) are serious about doing their subject justice.

From Alexandra Alter’s New York Times item:

In a statement announcing the acquisition, Judy Clain, editor-in-chief of Little, Brown, called Ms. Rivers “an icon and a role model to millions.”

Ms. Bennetts, who met Ms. Rivers several times but never interviewed her, said in a statement that she was drawn to the biography because “Rivers’ career was also enormously significant in American cultural history, breaking down barriers for women in television and comedy and continually redefining the acceptable boundaries of truth-telling for women in public life.”

The only unfortunate thing perhaps is that with Johnny Carson and Edgar Rosenberg both gone, it will likely be impossible for Bennetts to ascertain which story about the end of the comedienne’s relationship with her Tonight Show mentor is the correct one. Still, as Bennetts touches on above, the span of Rivers’ career as well as the multiple rebounds from personal and professional crises make this instantly compelling subject matter.

Bennetts previously wrote the 2007 book The Feminine Mistake.

[Image via: American Program Bureau]

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