LES Also For Neighbors Slash Friends Slash People To Make Out With

08melrose2.jpgIt has, to be honest, never really occurred to us to chat with our neighbors. They seem nice and they put out a plant on the landing, but we couldn’t imagine ever actually hanging out with them. Which is why it’s a good thing we don’t live at 126 Rivington. Where, the Times has discovered, it’s a post-Friends Friends-style living situation. The tenants hang out, bone, and sometimes even–gasp–date. According to this weekend’s Sunday Styles,

The 15 members of the 126 gang drink at Iggy’s on Ludlow or Whiskey Ward on Essex, eat at ‘Inoteca on Rivington (where they are friends with one of the chefs), buy birthday cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine on the ground floor, and wallow in one another’s personal affairs whether they like to or not. There have been at least six sexual relationships in the building, along with an untold number of angrily slammed doors and tearful reconciliations.

Of course, the news isn’t just the news:

As with “Friends” and “Melrose Place,” the central theme of this show may be: how long can one continue to enjoy the bacchanalian pleasures of youth before one craves a quieter adult existence?

We really couldn’t tell you. And they, unfortunately, don’t really tell us.