Lenovo Tweaks Windows 7 for Fast Booting on Their Notebooks & Desktops: Caution Required?

From ComputerWorld…

Lenovo vows ‘unbelievably’ fast Windows 7 boots

So, how is Lenovo going to make Windows 7 boot 56% faster than XP or Vista? Well, pretty much anything including a comatose slug is faster than Vista. Comparing it to XP will be a little tricky. In my experience a cleanly installed XP without extra baggage like anti-virus software boots faster than Windows 7. However, if both platforms have the usual complement of excess boot-time baggage, Windows 7 already seems to be the winner in the boot time department in my experience.

Lenovo’s solution is to tune boot time drivers, tweak BIOS start-up and delay loading of non-essential services. This all sounds good for Lenovo customers. But, does leave open the possibility of side effects if you use low-level drivers in Windows 7 with one of these software tweaked Lenovo systems.