Lennie LaGuire Offers a Glimpse at Her Plans for LAT Calendar Sections

Now that Lennie LaGuire has been promoted to Senior Calendar Editor at the LAT, she says she’d like to see more hard-hitting stories on the entertainment industry, as well as new approaches to online coverage. We couldn’t agree more.

“I think Calendar has great people and has put out terrific sections for a long time,” she tells FBLA. “I want to keep that going, and to make sure people are in the right places to do their best work.”

According to an FBLA poll, Calendar is one of readers’ favorite sections. But it’s also one of the most vexing, with subscribers complaining that stories don’t hit hard enough.

“Hard-hitting stories are an important part of Calendar’s arts, entertainment and culture mix and we, too, want more of them,” LaGuire told us.

LaGuire also said she’s pleased with The Envelope’s success as a big reader draw:

“In my opinion, we’ve featured a good mix of stories, including — just today– Paul Lieberman’s conversation with Emma Thompson and Zach Helm, a good takeout by Jay Fernandez on a rich season for original screenplays and John Horn’s quick but pithy postcard from a scouting road trip with Paul Haggis. Not to mention another provocative Patrick Goldstein column.”