Lendink.com Has Been Sold

The eBook lending site Lendink has recently been sold for an undisclosed sum. The site, which launched early this year, matches people willing to loan their eBooks with those looking to borrow them.  It supports both the Amazon Kindle as well as the B&N Nook.

This is a first for the eBook lending sites. When Amazon and B&N announced the new ability, it looked like it would never grow beyond an interesting hobby due to the fact that many publishers blocked  the lending of their eBooks. But the eBook lending niche has grown to support no less that 9 sites at last count, and obviously at least 1 site has grown to the point that it has been snapped up by a larger company.

Curiously enough, Lendink was a latecomer to the field. It launched several months after Amazon and B&N launched the new eBook lending. perhaps it might also represent the growing successful commercialization of the niche?

Update: It looks like I read too much in to this. A commenter has pointed out that this site sold for $650 at auction on Flippa.