Lena Dunham Wages War with Gawker

Despite what most would think, Lena Dunham is not a fan of Gawker. In fact, she had her lawyer contact the site after Gawker published her book proposal, which fetched her a cool $3.7 million. Gawker did take down the proposal, but that wasn’t enough for Dunham.

There are still 12 lines from the proposal up on the original Gawker post, but they’re all followed by some nice legalese and fantastic summaries of what Dunham meant in the quoted line. Here’s an example:

From Dunham’s book proposal: I’ve never kept a diary, [because] if a girl writes in her diary and no one’s there to read it did she really write at all?

Gawker update: Lena Dunham’s personal litigation counsel Charles Harder has contacted Gawker to relay a demand from his client, Lena Dunham, that we remove the above quote from our web site. In order to clarify our intent in quoting the above matter from Dunham’s proposal, we have decided to append the following commentary: The quoted sentence demonstrates that Dunham is incapable of conceiving a rationale for writing that doesn’t serve the goal of drawing attention to herself.


We’ll see how this goes, but no matter what, it is hilarious that Dunham is so mad at a site that seemingly would be right up her alley. It sounds like Dunham needs to get over herself. Maybe she could use some of that $3.7 million to take a nice vacation; learn to relax a bit.