Leibovich LUVs SUVs

We earlier wrote about the dispute between New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich (he of the hungry eyes) and the Mitt Romney campaign after Leibovich trailed one of the campaign’s SUV. In today’s Washington Post, Michael Shear points out that Leibovich has a history with SUVs:

    Leibovich is quick to say there is no ill will. But it’s interesting to note that Leibovich has a habit of writing about candidates and SUVs. Last year, while a reporter at The Washington Post, he wrote about following behind then-Virginia Gov. Mark Warner (D) in New Hampshire when the governor’s driver jerked the SUV onto a sidewalk after being blocked by an idled school bus. He wrote: “The governor’s communications director, Ellen Qualls, who is in the back seat, promptly calls up to Warner’s car. ‘You’re creating a story here,’ she says, trying not to be heard by the reporters, to no avail.”

    And in 2003, he wrote in The Post about riding in an SUV with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) as the car hit 110 mph, making a 26-minute drive along Interstate 40 in 16 minutes.