Lego My Slice Of Ray’s | Some Magazines Aren’t Paying Up | Can We Stop With The 80s Obsession Already?

UnBeige: Here are some iconic images of NYC, presented in Lego form. But whither the Naked Cowboy?

Gawker: There have been several complaints from freelancers that Regent/Here Media — which owns Out and The Advocate — isn’t stellar at paying people for their work. Well, there’s always Details.

The Daily Beast: The entire internet pretty much hates Gina Piccalo’s article asserting that the 80s is “one of the worst eras in film.” It certainly does not hold a candle to the 70s.

PRNewser: Flack versus Hugh Grant! Otherwise known as: FIST V. CAKE!

Mashable: A non-profit called Reboot suggests we all just stay away from technology for a whole day. We suggest you do this by enjoying the fairly sensational weather we’re in for this weekend. Or by drinking alone in your bathtub. It’s your weekend.