Legislation Could Help Small Businesses Offer Retirement Plans…Kinda?

Only a third of people who worked for companies employing between 10-100 people had access to a company-sponsored retirement plan. Those small businesses say it’s too expensive, even though nearly four out of five business owners say that such a plan would help them retain higher-quality candidates.

Now, USA TODAY reports, the Senate Special Committee on Aging is considering introducing legislation that would let small businesses pool with other businesses to create a group retirement plan. Financial experts would take on the administrative duties of the plan, saving small businesses time.

Except, small business plans are already available and don’t require a lot of time or effort to manage, and what business owners told the Government Accountability Office was that they wouldn’t offer these plans unless they were sure their business would show a profit multiple years in a row.

So in other words, the government wants to legislate away a problem by finding a completely different solution. Good luck with that one.