Legens emptor: Random House orders reprints of “Pieces” with warning

Appparently, James Frey‘s feelings might be hurt, but his bottom line, is just fine. While Nielsen BookScan released figures show that weekly sales of “A Million Little Pieces” have fallen by more than 50% since the breaking of “Frey-gate” on January 8th, the NYT reports that book is still selling briskly:starbucks.jpg

“The publishers of ‘A Million Little Pieces,’ Doubleday and Anchor Books, said yesterday that they were printing 100,000 new paperback copies of the book and 3,500 hardcover copies that include both the author’s note and a publisher’s note explaining the controversy and apologizing for it.”

We imagine a sort of Starbucks-like disclaimer is in the offing.

Careful, the real-life memoir you are about to enjoy is extremely not.