Legendo Entertainment launches Dracula Twins on iOS, tests “in-app backing” for further development

Image via Legendo Entertainment

Independent developer Legendo Entertainment has launched its free horror-comedy game Dracula Twins on iOS, testing a system it calls “in-app backing” to allow users to play the game before making purchases to help further the game’s future development.

Dracula Twins stars Drac and Dragana, whose best friend Franislav has been captured by an evil doctor. They must rescue Franislav before the doctor can perform his nasty experiments, but are challenged with freeing Transylvania from the doctor’s undead army first.

Dracula Twins is a side-scrolling action platformer, complete with virtual directional and action buttons. Players collect coins and defeat enemies, either by tossing skulls at them, or simply bouncing on their heads.

Legendo’s “in-app backing” resembles a basic “in-app purchase” system, as players can purchase skulls, and even pay a ransom to release Franislav early. Skulls simply change the appearance of the skulls that players can toss at enemies, while Franislav immediately becomes a playable character.

Image via Legendo Entertainment

Where the game differs, however, is in the knowledge that the game isn’t truly finished, at least not to Legendo’s satisfaction. By making purchases, players would be supporting the concept seen in Dracula Twins, and encouraging Legendo to keep going. As we might expect, these premium purchases are completely optional, and do not change the core gameplay.

“Offering an in-game crowdfunding mechanism allows us to reach potential backers on an international level with a proof-of-concept to demonstrate Dracula Twins’ feasibility, and to consider player-feedback before more levels, play mechanics and visual effects are added to the game”, said Bjorn Larsson, author of Dracula Twins and Executive Producer at Legendo, in a company release.

Dracula Twins is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking tool for mobile and social apps and developers.