Legal Times Launches “BLT” Blog

(No, not the delicious restaurant)

From here:

    It’s my belief that the only way to embrace the web is to create a different model for it consistent with the habits of its consumers, but to also cling (perhaps stubbornly) to the rewards that can be found in a long, well-reported and well-written story on a printed page. As an industry, our only choice, really, is to try and give the readers everything. Tougher for us, but good for the readers.

    Our other hope is that with these posts, you might get to know the people who make up this publication in a way that will never come through in print. We have an informed, intelligent, eclectic group of journalists who undoubtedly will have something to say that extends beyond the boundaries of our coverage. Even better, it’s possible this could become the best of journalistic endeavors, an interactive community where our readers can contribute as much as our writers. Hey, everyone can have a dream.