Lede of the day

From the LAT:

For those who knew Gerald Levin as the almost Machiavellian 80-hour-a-week chief executive of AOL Time Warner, it will be hard to imagine him as he was this summer in a boat off the Caribbean island of Bimini. When a group of dolphins came swimming by, Levin, although not a great swimmer, donned his snorkel and jumped in.

“It was an unbelievable metaphysical experience. You’re entering their world,” says Levin softly.

The piece is about Moonview Sanctuary, a Santa Monica mental health clinic, where, in return for annual $175,000 dues, members have access to a smorgasboard of healing tactics. (“Western and Eastern medicine, traditional psychiatry, psychopharmacology, talk therapy, neuro-feedback, high-tech scans that study brain waves, chiropractic services, acupuncture, reflexology, art therapy, equine therapy and more.”) The sanctuary was founded by Laurie Perlman, an ex-CAA agent and Levin’s romantic partner. (Levin is a ‘spiritual advisor’ to the center.)

Anyway, it’s just a Thorstein-y Veblen-y kind of day.