Lede Du Jour: Up in Smoke

NJ Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier is hustling as hard as his reporters this morning. A little while ago he published this story on GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain‘s Chief of Staff Mark Block‘s appearance at an NJ election event at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Washington.

Headline: “Cain’s Message May be Up in Smoke” Lede: Herman Cain’s campaign manager says the sexual harassment story has run its course, but he may be blowing smoke.

Fournier’s story included this potential whopper:

Block mentioned almost in passing that a radio talk show receptionist in Iowa thought Cain’s comments were “inappropriate.” With no more context than that, audience members did not know whether Block was referring to the Politco story or a new allegation. Only [sic] member of the overflow audience shook his head during Block’s answer and whispered, “Holy crap.”