Led by Whitney Houston Tribute, Grammys Rocket to Number One in Weekly Ratings

Despite the pall over the proceedings Sunday night, the Grammy Awards enjoyed a big night. Early into the three-and-a-half hour telecast, host LL Cool J led a prayer for Whitney Houston who shockingly passed away the night before.  

In the last hour, Jennifer Hudson “eulogized” her idol with one of Houston’s signature songs, I Will Always Love You.

The show was number one with 3.7 million WCBS/Channel 2 viewers and a huge 19 rating, according to Nielsen. 

American Idol began Hollywood Week at number two and three. The two nights averaged 1.3 million WNYW/Channel 5 viewers and a 6.8 rating.  

NBC’s rival, The Voice, had a fifth-place finish (1.1 million/6.0).

60 Minutes had its typical good week at number four (1.2 million/6.3).

More from the Top 10 after the jump

  • Sixth              Modern Family        WABC   (1.1 million/5.6)
  • *Seventh               NCIS                    WCBS     (1 million/5.4)
  • *Seventh      Big Bang Theory      WCBS     (1 million/5.4)
  • *Ninth         Person of Interest    WCBS     (945,000/4.8)
  • *Ninth            The Mentalist          WCBS     (941,000/4.8)
  • *Ninth                   Smash                 WNBC   (940,000/4.8)