LeBron James for Samsung a Viral Slam Dunk

Love him or hate him, there's an app for that

Even if you aren't paying attention to the NBA playoffs, you probably have an opinion about LeBron James. And, now that the Miami Heat are in the Eastern Conference finals, people are especially riled up on both sides of the bandwagon. For those who want to keep tabs on just how far back that headband is headed, Samsung Mobile has created a new app.

King James is a notorious social media fiend, but he's stopped his tweets and postings during the playoffs. That hasn't stopped Samsung Mobile, which created an app to keep people up to date on his day-to-day during the downtime. (Trust us, the brand really loves him.) While the YouTube audience is split on the ad for the app, it's been viewed about 12.6 million times since it was uploaded on May 1.

Meanwhile in New York, KLM and Heineken sent 10 unsuspecting Big Apple residents to Amsterdam for the King's Day national celebration. They were given everything the Netherlands has to offer, which apparently is DJ Armin Van Buuren, the color orange and a ton of beer in green bottles.

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