Lebron Drinks Tea While Breitbart Might Get Sued, Plus Other News of the Day

– Andrew Breitbart might have to pay for his coverage of Shirley Sherrod. At a convention today, Sherrod said she plans to sue Breitbart for publicizing a video where she spoke about bias against a white farmer. But if you watch the whole video, it’s clear she is making an analogy, however, she still lost her job at the Agricultural Department because of the coverage. Breitbart has corrected his original post.
– A magazine owner in Orange County, plans to launch another title in November, serving Southern California. Jolie Adams, co-founder of Riviera magazines, will launch Bask, a luxury mag covering shopping, golf, fashion and other stuff that rich people in Cali like. Adams hopes to reach over 150,000 people, but no word on who they’re looking to hire.
– A fond farewell to Michael Batterberry, who has passed away at the age of 78 after a battle with a “lengthy illness.” Batterberry became an icon in the food world after launching two magazines, Food Arts and Food and Wine. For more about Batterberry, check out his life here.
– And if you want to read the scrapped ESPN story about Lebron’s night in Las Vegas, Deadspin has a copy of the original. It’s nothing spectacular, but, surprisingly, Lebron drinks green tea with a little honey and a “dash of lemon juice.” Salacious! Don’t worry, there’s also naked women and flying waiters, so read if you wanta.