Leaving Early and Why You Just Have to Sometimes


We’ve all been to those events we were excited by only to be disappointed that we came out empty handed, or, rather, empty-brained. Like so many trade magazines that seem to only run articles about things you already know how to do, you run the risk of running into those occasional lectures or meetings where just nothing clicks and you wonder what the point was. Michael Surtees, a recent transplant to NY, whose blog we try and read every day, just put together an interesting post about his disappointment with the recent Your AD Here lecture held by the New York AIGA chapter with panelists Randall Rothernberg, Jane Hope, Gary Koepke, Neil Powell and Brian Collins. It’s a read that we can all relate to and it’s a nice, subtle call to arms to help potentially make future events more enlightening. Here’s some:

I’ve never left a design lecture early, but I did tonight for the first time. I think there’s at least three reasons that I can point to my disappointment — though there’s probably a lot more. 1. The moderator asked irrelevant questions, 2. some of the panelists provided irrelevant answers, 3. maybe I am looking for inspiration at the wrong talks — yeah, I wish I went to the Henry Jenkins and Steven Johnson conversation at the Museum of the Moving Image.