Learning SEO May Help Sell Books In Google eBookstore

Google entering into the digital bookselling industry may be able to help publishers and authors get their work discovered. But it will help to learn about SEO, or search engine optimization.

Author DC Denison blogged for O’Reilly Media about how he used Google to help drive Web traffic to help sell his book Ebook Publishers to Watch: 2011. With Google in the bookselling business, bookstores can take advantage of the major search engine’s traffic and use it to sell books, he pointed out.

Here is more from Denison’s blog: “Google eBookstore suddenly gives booksellers a reason to at least wade into SEO. Because now if Google can find your book, it can sell your book, a few different ways: via its online eBookstore, or in apps for the Apple and Android platforms, or through one of its independent bookstore partners. In all three cases, books are ‘discoverable’ on the search service.”

For tips on how to get your bookstore noticed in search rankings, follow this link.

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