Learning Is Cool

Our friend Julie Taraska, editor of metropolismag.com, is teaching a seminar on design writing for designers on Monday. Courtesy of Corporate. We asked her what she was actually going to talk about, as we’ve always found writing and design to be fairly mutually incompatible skilz. It’s a rare designer who can string together a sentence that makes more than nominal sense. Of course, there are exceptions. And Julie’s gonna tell you how to make the rule. She broke it down for us:

The overlying principle is walking designers through the edit process: everything from what to pitch and how to pitch it to grammatical and structural basics for their stories to outlets they can approach for work. I end the class with a post-modern exchange about structuralist wonders, touching on genre-defyers, mavericks, entrepreneurs, and the next generation of design problems and talent. (Others simply call it “Q&A.”)

Topics include “How to write a pitch a design editor will actually read” and “Some hot design topics.” If we weren’t pimping the mad expertise already, or weren’t slaves to the blog, we’d head on down.