Learn To Be A Travel Writer…In The Himalayas

TV personality and travel journalist Robin Esrock wants to teach you how to be a travel writer.
Well, immersion’s the best solution, right? So that’s why you can join him (read: pay a rather large amount of money) to trek through the Himalayas for a view (from afar) of Mt. Everest while picking his brain on how to write and pitch stories and learning how he landed his National Geographic show.
And, because every company on the planet likes these free-publicity-for-a-“job” gigs, the fifteen people on this three-week trip will be blogging about the trip, and the best blogger wins a trip to Peru.
Still, if you’ve got $3,890 and a plane ticket to LA (where the expedition leaves from), there are worse ways to learn about travel writing. Ask your accountant if it’s tax-deductible.
Second thought: what a brilliant money-making side business for a writer. Anyone ever given thought to doing something like this? “Plein aire” writing workshops, anyone?
photo: A.Ostrovsky