Learn Photoshop Tips From a Reuters News Pictures Editor!

Unsure whether to dodge and burn when “clearing dust” from your photos of a smoking Middle Eastern city? Should you use the color balance tool when adding extra missiles to the Israeli attacks on your Flickr stream? If you’ve had these questions, too, be sure to read this post from the Reuters blog, where Gary Hershorn, News Pictures Editor for North America explains just how those Photoshop tools work and what’s fair game for journalistic manipulation. (Which is different from advertising, he says, “where image-changing is tolerated.”)

We were also wondering the other day–is this whole thing good press for Photoshop? We’d say so. From the blog post:

Photoshop is a highly sophisticated image manipulation program.

Photoshop is a powerful image processing program with many more tools to help photographers produce the best quality image they can for the type of photography they do.