Learn one interesting fact each day using Owl, the app


Facts, especially the kind of data shared by Owl, are really fun to keep in your head. They’re also really helpful if you play a lot of trivia. Consider this app your new training app for trivia, because these facts are fun and rare.

  • Owl is a daily fact app that doesn’t suck. The facts are actually interesting, it’s beautifully designed, and simple.
  • The facts are handpicked from reddit and all credit goes to their awesome users.
  • Facts are front and center. To get the current day’s fact, just pull to refresh. Done.
  • Sharing what you learned is easy. Tap and hold on a fact to share via Twitter or Facebook. You could also copy the fact or view the sources for it.
  • In settings, you can schedule when you want to receive, or if you want to receive, a daily notification. You can also switch between the light or dark theme.


Developed by Veeral Patel. Patel got the idea for the app while drinking Snapple Lemon Tea: While most designers/developers relied on coffee to keep them awake, I relied on Snapple. The best part of this experience was reading the fact that came with it. However, most of the time, the fact was either a duplicate or not interesting. The main goal for Owl is to emulate this experience in a better way.

Owl is a free app, so if you like the daily facts, you should share them and appear very well-informed and generous!