Learn Languages Online and Discover New Cultures With Palabea

Social sites sometimes can open new dimension of certain things. For example let’s take Palabea – social site made for people which are interested in learning other languages. I think it is a brilliant idea and the difference from other social sites- time wasters – it can offer you something really useful!

As an international community, palabea connects people around the world who share the same interest in learning languages and discovering different cultures.

Palabea logoPalabea offers you many different ways how to raise your language skills by offering videos, audio materials and textual information. I have created an account there and I can tell that there is all you need to start learning from ‘infrastructure’ perspective. All is great except one thing – not enough content and materials! But as it is very new project I hope that it is only a matter of time when it goes popular.

I really advice you to check it out and, who knows – maybe learn some language and discover now culture!


Learn Language Online