Learn How To Build News Apps With ProPublica’s New Fellowship (And It Pays!)

Can a good reporter with smarts and some technical savvy become a news app developer? ProPublica, the online news organization that has blazed a path in creating innovative news apps, is offering a paid fellowship to find out.

The News Application Fellowship is a pilot project that will give one person the opportunity to work side-by-side with ProPublica’s News Apps desk and its news app developers. You’ll learn how to create news apps like Dollars for Docs and the Opportunity Gap.

“We know that out there in the news universe there are whip-smart people who are starting to teach themselves how to program by reading books and building stuff they never show anybody; people who want to take their graphics talents to the next level and to start working on the back-end code as well,” reads the description. “If that’s you, hurry up and apply already.”

Are you a programming newbie? Don’t let that stop you from applying. The right person will be trained to code, while those with programming skills will learn how to take raw data and turn it into journalism, ProPublica-style.

There are, however, three requirements to apply, explained in detail on ProPublica’s website. In short, they are:

1. You want to be an editorial developer;
2. You are an experienced graphics editor, CAR expert, web producer, or web designer;
3. You are a trained and/or experienced journalist.

If you’re interested, don’t dawdle. Current students and recent grads According to Scott Klein, editor of news applications, anyone is welcome to apply by the Jan. 20 deadline.  To apply, send an email with your résumé and URLs to projects you were involved with to Klein at scott.klein@propublica.org. Don’t forget to include a short description of the role you played in those projects. Apply here.