New App Allows for Hands-Free NYT Web Browsing

When Leap Motion’s “Top News” App launches, the single featured news partner will be the New York Times.

Reading this morning’s TechCrunch report by Anthony Ha  conjured up for us a mental picture that is at once tantalizing and terrifying:

Users should be able to browse articles by moving their hands left and right. Headlines, images and summaries will be presented in a card format, and if you see something that interests you, you tap on the card to read the full article. You then scroll through the article by making a circular motion, and you shake your hand to return to the Top News menu.

For now, the App only includes top stories, and there’s no integration with the company’s subscription system. Paul Smurl, The Times‘ general manager of core digital products, said if the app is popular, the team could go further…

God help the home office neighbors if this thing is compatible with Google Glass. Excepting the very dramatic way this App could benefit disabled readers, it’s unclear for whom this device is intended.

Sadly, Ha was unable to personally try out the Leap Motion App. Read his blog post here.