Leak Takes On the Logos

Don’t even remember how we ran across this, but really enjoyed it once we did. It’s Flickr photosets from, well, we’re not entirely sure of her full name, but we’re guessing it’s Emily Leak. And, also from her profile, we do know that’s she’s a student at Carnegie Mellon. Anyway, her work falls into that AdBusters-esque terrain, where it’s all about branding and logos, but not exactly taking a positive position on them, though well designed and often creatively thought out. In one set, she makes brands into, well, brands (like in “hey, let’s go brand that cow!”). In another, she’s logo’d up her bra so the brands can be closer to her, and in perhaps her most clever pieces, she’s painted brands onto bugs, created brass signs that attach to trees and read “Mine!” and “unbranded” t-shirts and snuck them back into the stores from which they came. Again, it’s very AdBusters-y, and at times a little “youthful,” but through the construction, design, and insight, we think there’s the markings of someone who might turn out to really do well. We’re hoping at least.

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