Five Lucky League of Legends Gamers Relocate to Beverly Hills

Starting this Friday, San Francisco-based gaming company Curse, Inc. will flip the switch on various livestreams emanating from an 8,000 square foot leased mansion in Beverly Hills. The same day that another similar European “gaming house” goes live from Berlin.

In each case, five leading League of Legends gamers will be shown practicing, competing and – whenever necessary – unwinding from their unlikely day jobs. TV crews will co-habitate and follow the gamers around in what amounts to a video game version of Big Brother. From today’s report:

The pro gamers, each of whom will receive a hefty annual salary and a portion of the livestream revenue, will participate in regular events like Friday night bikini parties. Curse founder and CEO Hubert Thieblot wants the broadcast to feel like a combination of a reality TV show and a 24/7 sports channel.

Amazingly, Thieblot tells reporter John Gaudiosi that he expects these kinds of livestreams to represent 20 percent of all gaming content stream traffic worldwide by the end of this year. Earlier this summer, Curse hosted the North American team out of Thieblot’s San Francisco apartment and broadcast it all on

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