Leaf Trombone is an “MMMG” that’s Turning iPhones to Brass Worldwide

When done well, rhythm games can be one of the most addictive types of entertainment around. They allow for the realization of something one may not normally be able to do (like Guitar Hero, for example). Disregarding the prospect of becoming a rock star for a moment, there is something gratifying about creating music (just look at the popularity of the Tap Tap games), and even more to be said from showing off that music.

A little less than a month ago, iPhone developer Smule took its music games to a whole new level. With hit title Ocarina under their belt, the company has stepped up the tempo with a new application, Leaf Trombone: World Stage.

Play is fairly simple. Like a trombone, players blow into the microphone (though this option can be turned off) and slide their fingers along the leaf to play songs from the game‘s library. Already, the game has incorporated the tactile sense of immersion that enhances the experience ten-fold. However, the game still takes a turn for the better.

While one can practice alone if they desire, the most popular feature is to perform on the “World Stage.” Through this, the developers have dubbed the title a “massively multiplayer musical game” (“MMMG”). Though this terminology is highly debatable, the fact remains that you can perform in front of a panel of judges that can hail from anywhere in the world. These judges, in turn, can rate your performance with brief messages and emoticons that will eventually lead to digital fame and fortune (okay, not really).

Leaf also comes with the ability to play user-generated content. Though this is a bit more for the musically talented and opens the door to the inevitable… ahem… “bad” content, it does provide with a means to add to game play without the direct intervention of the developers. Music is written with a separate web application called the Composer. This tool comes directly from the Smule website and allows new scores uploaded to your iPhone. And though there will always be and abundant amount of poor content, there will also be a number of gems, some original, some not, littered amongst it such as these:

Thus far the game is doing well, as Smule states that the number of performances have reached numbers well above 100,000, and in less than two weeks after release had more user created content (approximately 1,500) than its Ocarina title. In fact, the company also reports Leaf to have reached the Top 10 in 13 different App Stores worldwide, including the US, France, Portugal, Germany, and the UK.