LeadSift Launches Robust Cloud-Based Social Media Lead Generation Software

Canada-based startup LeadSift might just have solved the “signal out of noise” social media problem.

The company has, as of today, launched potentially game-changing lead generation software that any business with a social media presence (which should be 100%) is going to want take a look at.

LeadSift, which we reported back in November had secured half a million in funding from HootSuite-backing Omers Ventures, uses natural language processing software with more than 50 signals to identify and score geo-located leads from social data and identify them as “hot”, “warm” or “cold”.

LeadSift gives each lead a LeadScore, the lead-gen equivalent of a Klout score, calculated by a combo of semantic analysis of users’ posts and domain knowledge.

For example, a tweet including the phrase “I need a car” would score lower than another mentioning “looking for a Honda Civic,” because the second is identified as further along in the buying process.

Not only that: LeadSift analyzes historical conversations from a user’s public social profile to further qualify each potential lead, extracting demographic information and predicting the buying power of a consumer. In the example above, someone tweeting about looking for a new car who currently has a job and owns a house will receive a higher LeadScore than someone who is underage or has not yet purchased a home.

In short, LeadSift’s software enables businesses to target the best opportunities for finding and engaging customers and prospects. The technology is already integrated into HootSuite’s App Directory ($4.99/month).

Tapajyoti Das, CEO of LeadSift, said in a release,

“We cut through the noise of static keyword searches to track and find relevant opportunities for brands to have targeted engagement with customers. After months of caffeine, coding and feedback from beta testers, we have created a unique tool that allows brands to engage in helpful ways with the people online that matter to them.”

“Cutting through the noise” is the focal goal of every digital marketer, so LeadSift is definitely filling a desperate need in the age of million-tweets-a-minute social networking. You can even integrate the software with Salesforce, Zoho, and other CRM systems for efficient sales process management.

During beta, LeadSift partnered with HootSuite to assist their customers in classifying leads. The software is at last publicly available. Check out LeadSift here.

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