New “LeadSift Fingerprint” Tool Uncovers Detailed Insights About Any Twitter User

Canada-based startup LeadSift has launched a new Twitter profiling tool called LeadSift Fingerprint.

It’s a free, open-to-the-public, easy-to-use dashboard that lets you uncover deep insights on any Twitter user whatsoever – including yourself.

The tool crawls through any person’s Twitter history to uncover psychographic and demographic insights through natural language processing software.

Tukan Das, CEO of LeadSift, said in a statement,

“Millions of people are sharing their thoughts and actions on Twitter everyday, but what they may not realize is that they end up as a complex difficult to understand information graph. We created this platform to provide individuals with the power to see what their Tweets say about them, by extracting publicly available data from their Twitter profiles, which accounts for their social fingerprint.”

Here are the types of details LeadSift says its Fingerprint tool can uncover:

Do you have a pet?
Are you male or female?
Are you interested in sports, fashion technology, business, etc?
Is this a corporate or a personal account?
Are you married?
Are you a parent?
Do you own a car?
Do you own a home?
Are you employed?
What is your profession?

That would make sense if a user tweets about personal information frequently, but what about someone like me who uses Twitter for nearly exclusively professional purposes?

To check out the LeadSift Fingerprint for my own Twitter handle, @AllisonStadd, I entered the handle into the tool and pressed “Go.” It’s that simple.

Here’s what it came up with:

While I am indeed female, employed in marketing, located in Brooklyn, and enjoy technology, business, and entertainment, I’m not a pet owner (although I love dogs), I’m not really a big sports fan in general, and I definitely don’t like science. I’ll give it a 70%.

But considering the insights the tool spit out took only a matter of seconds and were fairly accurate, I can definitely see how this tool would be useful en masse for a marketing team, especially since many Twitter users probably offer richer insights into their personal lives than I do.

Check out your own LeadSift Fingerprint here.

(Fingerprint image via Shutterstock.)

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