Leading Facebook Dating App Zoosk Adds Last.fm and Netflix Integration

zoosklogoLeading Facebook dating application Zoosk is now the 13th largest Facebook application overall by total reach, according to AppData. Zoosk is reaching nearly 9 million users per month with its free service, and is fighting to crack paid dating on Facebook as well though a “freemium” model. Zoosk’s premium membership plans range from $12 to $25 per month, and the company also sells virtual currency that users can redeem for virtual gifts to attach to messages they send to others.

Zoosk has almost doubled its user base since January, going from 16.5 million users to 30 million in the last four months, the company says. The service integrates across a number of social networking sites, so a Facebook user can connect with anyone using Zoosk on MySpace, Hi5, or Bebo.

AppData for Zoosk


In addition, Zoosk added Last.fm and Netflix account integration this week. Now, potential suitors will have another way of finding common ground and starting conversations based on similar interests.

“Now, you can listen to a new playlist on your way to work or add a movie to your Netflix queue and meet someone on Zoosk later that day who noticed your update and shares your taste in music or films,” says Zoosk CEO Shayan Zadeh.


Users with Last.fm or Netflix accounts simply link them to their Zoosk Date Card, where their latest music and movie choices will appear for other Zooskers to see. Updates are made in real time, so Zoosk users can make comments or find connections as soon as a favorite song is played or a new movie selected.


Last year, the company raised $4.1 million from Canaan Partners and included ATA Ventures. ATA Ventures was also an early investor in Zoosk along with Amidzad Partners.